Sunday, December 25, 2011

Preview of questions yet to answer:

1. What do you think of Muslims as a whole? Preview: Cannot answer this as a whole but will be very real about what I do respect about Muslims but also what I think very clearly about Islam and why I stand against Isalm and any other religion that stands in oppposition to a *relationship* with Christ.

2. What do you think of Catholics? Preview: I think it is unfortunate that the virgin Mary has been elevated to a position of deity – this is not Biblical and has allowed so many to be deceived and put credit where credit is not due…also I think Catholicism embraces theology that many other churches and denominations have embraced and teach in error so I don’t like to pin the blame of theology in error on Catholicism alone…there have been many heresies from Catholicism over the years, many of which have been addressed but many that remain unfortunately some of which I will discuss but I have to admit other than the above I am not as familiar with them than what I need to but will be familiarizing myself with them over time so that I can refute them as I know they do exist and need to be and will…*DaVinci’s paintings are unfortunate in that the truth as I am coming to know it was stretched and probably purposefully to promote Catholicism unfortunately even though I obviously agree with some things that are being taught who many think are in error, I stand very strongly against other things that DaVinci and Dan Brown in particular have taught in error – almost of a homosexual nature in feminizing men…and feminization in particular…I am not a feminist, quite different – I submit myself to a local church, pastorate and elders and when and how I can, I promote my husband as the head of our home although my husband has willingly and personally asked me to lead in the ways he himself would say he has not been called and has willingly and personally given up to me in response to how I have been called this speaks very clearly to me of how and why I have been called as well. Also, in this day and age of such a heightened presence of feminism, especially here in the US and Europe I believe I am being used to take what women have been asking for and challenging them that now that a woman has been called and is being used – will they then submit themselves to Scripture and humble themselves to Christ as well as men who are in leadership in Biblical churches and to their husbands where they have not been clearly called as Jewish prophetesses or will they continue in their error – the feminist movement is very different from being used by the Lord in ministry, at least for me. The truth is that men should be built up to be as Christ has called them because in my life I know that I am very blessed by men who stand strong not only in their position as men but as leaders and those who I respect and have learned so much from. I attend a Baptist church but at heart I am non-denominational….unfortunately when it comes to most Bible or non-denominational churches, there is either Lordship of male leadership over how I have been called and I cannot expect to be received there or their teachings on a pre-tribulation are not Biblical (not very different from what I believe but different enough that I know I would cause strife in such churches and probably will anyway but that is another question to be answered later.

3. What can we expect from you here on out? Preview: much more of the same, lol.

4. Are you just seeking attention/money? This is going to be a fun one to answer.

5. Haven’t you given yourself a nice, cushy, comfortable place in saying you are the woman from Revelation 12? And isn’t that pretty pompous and arrogant? –
amendment to add: aren’t you adding to Scripture by saying you have had visions/dreams – also, You're a woman, right? Explain yourself and how you do or plan to adhere to the teachings of Scripture in regard to a woman's place in the church/ministry. Looking forward to answering this as well, lol.

6. So you believe generational curses still happen or are valid? Preview: Do people still sin? ;)

7. Do you believe in a pre-tribulation rapture? this will explain the secondary meaning to Revelation 12 as well as well as talking about Joel 2 and Acts 2:14-21 and how this relates to this time we find ourselves in before believers/disciples of Christ are taken pre–tribulation (correction 5:53 pm, KVD): Preview: not gonna give you any further hints, lol – I don’t mean to diminish the seriousness of all the questions with “lol” but some of them are funny to me because they are so far from who I am and the purpose and mission I have been given and called for or I know they are so touchy but what I believe in regard to a pre-tribulation rapture is not far from what is already believed but yes, it is different and hopefully, using Scripture (as I will and will back up what I have to say and what I have been given to teach) and visions/dreams I have been given as a Jewish disciple of Christ/prophetess and no, this does not contradict Scripture or violate Revelation 22:19 and I will prove it. :)

8. What are your thoughts on the Sabbath, the Lord's Day and feasts/festivals? Preview: I am most looking forward to this question, hopefully I will please both Gentile and Jewish believers alike and I think I will because of how my heart has been burdened in Christ through the indwelling presence and power of God’s Holy Spirit.

I hope this helps - nothing more until I am able to answer fully. ;)

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  1. Questions to add: 9. Are men (and consequently women) to submit to you?
    10. Can you clearly state what your mission/purpose is?