Sunday, January 1, 2012

Let's just open "the whole can of worms", shall we?

Part One: Muslims

What do I think of Muslims as a whole? Well, I really can't answer this as a whole. It appears to me that there are Muslims who are very zealous or go to extremes with regard to Islam either by way of the Koran or through religious leaders. But it also appears as though there are moderate Muslims - those who do live peacably and do not fully or religiously adhere to Islam (but likely do in part) or those who are at heart very zealous and go to extremes but live as though they do not in order to deceive. And then there are Muslims who have either publicly or privately converted to Christianity or other religions or have no religious convictions or beliefs at all. I would say this is a good summary and that this makes Muslims no different from any other ethnicity or culture or race who have varying beliefs and responses to such beliefs or who have no religious convictions at all.

So, what do I respect or appreciate about Muslims? I appreciate that they are no more or less blinded by Satan than I was before I was saved or with regard to anyone else who has not fully surrendered their lives to Christ (the Son of Almighty God) in humility through repentance, baptism and the receiving of God's Holy Spirit. We must reach out to Muslims as Christians when possible: with the same love, grace and compassion that we received ourselves and that we would (and should) offer others who are not Muslims.

I think one of the reasons that hatred has grown so rampantly especially here in the United States and throughout the world and why so many Muslims either want to come here and cause harm here or terror throughout the world and are filled with so much additional anger and rage (in addition to what Satan had alredy filled those who are zealous and radical) is because on and after 9/11 anyone even closely resembling a many were treated poorly and/or judged because of the way they looked or because of how they dressed...many of whom weren't even of middle eastern descent or who were Muslims but not even religiously tied to Islam. The other problem is I believe Muslims were the patsy of 9/11. I'm not saying radical Muslims didn't willingly participate...I'm saying there is equal blame and fault with and which belongs to the Bush administration and many government officials (many who are probably still a part of the U.S. government unfortunately and government officials who I doubt were and/or are limited to the U.S. government). I hate that the concentration of the blame was on Muslims and that so many have died as a result. For as many Muslims as there are who are wolves in sheep's clothing, there were and are just as many to be blamed within the Bush administration, in the U.S. government and likely government officials from other countries in the world. I know this is not a popular view but I know it is the right one. And we owe many Muslims here and throughout the world who do live peaceably an apology for making them the focus of evil on and after 9/11 - they have lost so many loved ones and so many of whom have sought democracy in their countries and now suffer. We have not put enough focus on the evil of those who were a part of the Bush administration (including President George W. Bush and those just below him and on down), those who were a part of the U.S. government at that time and played a role, those who are still a part of government employment and played a role and those government officials from other countries in the world who took their part but again: not forgetting those Muslims who did and who still seek evil and cause harm and terror throughout the world (particularly towards Israel which angers me greatly) but no one should put the whole emphasis of the blame for 9/11 on Muslims but equally where it does belong with regard to the Bush administration and government officials who knowingly took part and allowed this tragedy to happen which affected so many throughout the world. But with this too - how government officials participated in and allowed such a heinous act: now is not the time to overly concern ourselves with such - I say, let God deal with 'em (see Romans 12:19). We have enough to worry about here in the U.S. in particular with regard to the coming election - get out and vote and vote wisely (I will share more on who I support, why and who I would like to see as a running mate for this candidate as soon as possible or if these things are still legitimate by the time I get to writing abou them, lol with regard to the coming Iowa caucus on Tuesday if I am not able to update my blog before then).

What I also appreciate and respect of Muslims is the modest dress of the women. I'm not talking about the women all dressed in black and with very little of their face showing and who are willingly evil and zealous themselves for Islam and Satan. This past summer God put me in a position to begin to see more of the Muslim population that exists even here in Kalamazoo, MI. I started taking notice of husbands treat wives, their children, how wives act in public, etc. I noticed one thing in particular from a couple that I observed (I am a true people watcher - not a judge, just like to observe and this is natural for me) - I noticed a woman that had a beautiful navy blue chemise on and the head scarf she was wearing was particularly beautiful...the scarf appeared to be of more than one color although not overly bright but possibly with some shimmer or sparkle to it. My heart was softened by how modestly she was dressed - by what she wore but also by how reserved the couple was. I got to thinking: "What if they don't know Christ?" "What if they are not religious?" "What if no one ever approaches them because of how they are dressed...because they appear to be Muslims?" But the most important thing I want to that I was upset by the fact that here was a woman, probably more submissive to her husband and maybe even more loved and loving than myself or any other "Christian" or Christian woman I have ever known. I was very humbled by these thoughts and I was frustrated too that I couldn't dress as simply, comfortably and modestly as this woman. Suddenly my jeans felt too tight and my t-shirt too. I began wondering how I come across to people? I felt as though I was dressed in such a way that I was allowing people to get too much of a look at what size of a body I have and with the clothing that I wear how certain parts have a tendency to stick out more than others and draw inappropriate attention. I was embarrassed and angry with the fact that I wasn't dressed more modestly and felt as though I can't because it might draw even more attention to me (which I honestly do not want if it can be helped). I could dress more modestly...but the "Christian" alternatives out there do not even begin to compare with the simplicity and probably much, much, much more cost effectiveness of one or more chemise. I mean, they appear to be easy to make, are not of more than one color of fabric and the head scarves - when worn properly and not so tight - add a certain classy femininity to a woman's attire. And although such dress is different from what we are used to here (well, at least most of us when considering caucasian women such as myself), it's really not that bad; is it?! Different isn't bad, it's just different. I also began thinking of Scripture too in regard to a woman's appearance as some time ago I began being burdened and convicted to let my hair grow out and not only that but would it be proper for me, in some instances; to wear a head scarf? Now, I'm not going to start some out of place controversy here but yet I am going to make justifications that are Biblical at the same time without apology. I want to share two verses of Scripture to begin with and then continue on:

1 Corinthians 11:15
King James Version (KJV)
But if a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her: for her hair is given her for a covering.

1 Corinthians 11:16
King James Version (KJV)
But if any man seem to be contentious, we have no such custom, neither the churches of God.

It is clearly Biblical that a woman have long hair but what also is being said that if a woman has long hair, it should not be a question as to whether a woman should wear a head scarf or not because long hair is a woman's covering. Now, here's two more verses of Scripture:

1 Corinthians 11:5-6
King James Version (KJV)
But every woman that prayeth or prophesieth with her head uncovered dishonoureth her head: for that is even all one as if she were shaven.
For if the woman be not covered, let her also be shorn: but if it be a shame for a woman to be shorn or shaven, let her be covered.

What Paul is saying is it is not only a disgrace for a woman to have short hair but she is even more offenseive to God if such a woman does have short hair and is not covered when either praying or prophesying. In fact, Paul says that if a woman with short hair will not be covered: "shorn" such a woman and add to her disgrace and then have her head covered. Why? It is a lesson of both obedience and submission to God and our husbands - to the leaders in our churches (where and when appropriate, ultimately women are fully subject to God and/or their husbands first and must never be unruly or unjustly overdominated by any man other than God and/or their husbands per Scripture - see Ephesians 5:24 - this means a single woman must not be manipulated or dominated by leaders in the Church but ultimately to God and if you are being treated in such a manner either as a single woman or married woman in a Church - get out and find a new church where you are treated properly). But back to the matter at hand - being obedient and submissive is where particularly American and European women have failed so miserably. We must be honest about this. So, what about me? I submit to my husband where and when appropriate as I should but I would remind the reader that my husband has asked me to lead where hs has not been called nor does he desire to serve and this suits to fit how God has called me. I do not "Lord" myself over my husband or anyone. I willingly submit myself to the leaders of my church but if asked or allowed, I would graciously serve in any way that would be pleasing to both God, the leadership of the church and the congregation.

*Note - obviously some women cannot help but have short hair or no hair at all because of surgery or cancer or other illness - but, in these cases; it would be proper then to stay covered because we should be in prayer at all times so if you are unable to have long hair for whatever reason - stay covered as Scripture above is clear in these cases. But those of you who make exuses, "I like short hair." or "I look better with short hair." or "Short hair is easier for me to do." Notice how selfish and "me" oriented these statements are. This is saying, in essence; "What is better or easier for me is better than what God has decreed in Scripture." You are taking personal preferences over Scripture and basically thumbing your nose at God. Not such a good thing. I would reconsider.

In response to how God burdened and convicted my heart through both Scripture and the modest and non-oppressive or restrictive dress of some of the Muslim women I have encountered here in Kalamazoo, MI - I decided to begin wearing a head scarf when I felt it was necessary or appropriate. And again, even though I have long hair and this is a covering for me - I do choose to wear scarves in some situations/circumstances but this is a personal choice and you must leave this up to yourselves those of you with long hair. I am just sharing how I have been burdened and convicted. If I am going to wear a scarf when I am out and about in public: I wear it in the car and outdoors but I always remove the scarf from my head when I enter a building (to show that I am not a threat but also not oppressed by the scarf and hopefully this is something that will catch on). And the thing I have found with scarves and unlike baseball caps or stocking caps for winter - they are much less hard on my hair and style I am wearing at the time. And they are also very feminine and frame a woman's face so nicely.

All of this too is part of a project I have decided to call the "Me and My Scarf Project" of which the response so far has been very interesting and somewhat humorous so far...although I know there is a risk in doing this - either by possibly wrongly offending Muslims who may think in error that I am mocking them (they would be so wrong) or wrongly offending a caucasian or someone else who are not Muslims and wrongly assumes I am and I know I could get chewed out or my butt kicked as a result. Folks should know that I will be taking a class in learning how to respond to such folks offensively and defensively and I also carry a knife and other defensive weapons with me wherever I go. But the biggest part of the puropse for this project is to help people see that it is wrong to judge by appearances but also hoping to build a bridge to Muslim women and help build up which I fear is often a feeling of no worth or little worth because of the oppression by men that does exist in the lives of some Muslim women and the lives of so many women outside of Muslim homes. I also hope that scarves are no longer seen as oppressive. Another hope is that Christian men, too; will become more bold to share Christ in their lives and witness to Muslim men so that together Christian and Muslim men can learn what is and what is not appropriate in leading their wives and women in general - not in weakness but in love and strength (notice I put love first). My hope is that more and more Muslims will come to know the love of Christ as a result of what I have shared here and with regard to the "Me and My Scarf Project" and that this will be a part of the revival that the Lord prayed for and so longs for us before believers are called home and that we do our part or suffer loss of rewards if we do not. Please, remember fear is of Satan so share and witness when possible and appropriate but not forgetting that there are times *not* to witness: if you are alone or if you are the opposite sex of the individual or individuals needing to be witnessed to and this is in part because there are Muslims who do hate and want to harm and kill Christians. So we do need to err somewhat on the side of caution and this is what I am going to address now.

For those who are radical or go to extremes as Muslims with regard to Islam - except that they are an example of how Christians are actually to be: Christians should go to extremes and be radical with the love of Jesus - and for those who say they are not Muslims and appear to live as though they are moderate and peace-loving and tolerant of other religions and beliefs and are not and/or either pretend or even act or say they are Christians and are not (we sure know this does exist now don't we)...the best way to deal with this is to pray and not sinking to their level of violence or mocking them or returning hate for hate. And here is where President Barack H. Obama is dead wrong: the sermon on the mount is truth, we must learn from it and is an example for us that we can follow if we are willing and fully humble ourselves and surrender our lives fully to Christ and ask for God's Holy Spirit to help us live as we should. But prayer is our best weapon. That and love and patience and putting on the armor we have been given in Ephesians 6 because the battle we are in is a spiritual one - our's being awake and alive with God's Spirit and their's being awake and alive by Satan. And yes, continuing to turn the cheek - even unto death (see Romans 12:19). This is all I have to say about such.

Matthew 5:44-45
King James Version (KJV)
But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;
That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.

Much love to you all in Christ, God bless you!!! ~ Kristi

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Just thinkin' a bit more before I get cleaning today:

Satan often works through dreams just the same way as the Lord does - at least this is what I have known and so many others as well. I am often plagued with dreams that Ryan is going to leave me or abandon me and he always says, "Kris, that isn't going to happen." The truth is, I have been left and abandoned so many times by nearly almost everyone in my life in some capacity. Either they think I'm manic when I'm not or they expect perfection from me because I am so vocal and passionate about my faith. Something happens to deter them from staying a part of my life.

But my thoughts this morning are how alone Ryan must feel at times in our relationship. I have many times told him I love you, but after the Lord. And I do tend to put work for ministry or studying or praying above other things...and I am not going to say I'm sorry for the things you've done to help me, things I've neglected because we both know things better in our situation than others; but I'm sorry for the times you've felt alone Ryan. I don't think I've ever said this and I hope you will comment. And I want to remind folks again that we've made many "fair trades" because Ryan does not feel called and has no desire to be called as I have been. I do as much as I can around the house to help and yet get in time to study and write but when I am not able to - he and Morgan have really helped. And I want to thank you again, my dear intimate family; how much you have helped and how much your support and belief in who I am and who I have been called to be and what I have been called to do - this has put pressure on all of us (and I'm sorry I haven't acknowledged this enough) but I love you so much and for as hard as Satan has tried to pull us apart and even others in our lives, whether they realize it or not; have tried to break us up - it ain't happening unless the Lord calls you home and we've talked about what that would mean so even then, Satan; we're ready. The Lord is preparing us for every possible scenario that could go wrong and we're not being ignorant to these things. But either way,
I love you, Ryan and Morgan and I thank you that even if it is just you guys, Heaven and only one other person in this life, on this earth believes in who I am and who God has called me to be and what I've been asked to do - that's enough. I don't care about the rest - I do, but I don't. Let's keep doing what we've been doing because the Lord is blessing it. I am so very proud of you both and I hope these thoughts I've been given this morning help - because every word is true. I am sorry for the times you have felt so alone...and Morgan too. I know so very well how this feels so know that you are not alone. I'm not going anywhere either...and if anyone did take me or do something to me - we know very well the story doesn't end there, don't we. I love you both so very much and those who are supporting me in prayer and thought right now. Thank you, every part of my being - heart, soul and mind...thank you with all that I am. And thank you, Lord and Abba; to you is all the honor, glory and praise, Amen!

Much love to you all in Christ, God bless you!!!

~ Kristi

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Matthew 11:28 - King James Version (KJV):

28Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Revision of list of questions to be answered and order and introduction to questions left to be answered:

List of questions to be answered yet and their revised order:

1. Haven’t you given yourself a nice, cushy, comfortable place in saying you are the woman from Revelation 12? And isn’t that pretty pompous and arrogant? – amendment to add: aren’t you adding to Scripture by saying you have had visions/dreams? Also, you're a woman, right? Explain yourself and how you do or plan to adhere to the teachings of Scripture in regard to a woman's place in the church/ministry. Looking forward to answering this as well, lol.

2. Do you believe in a pre-tribulation rapture?

3. Are just seeking attention/money?

4. So you believe generational curses still happen or are valid?

5. What are your thoughts on the Sabbath, the Lord's Day and feasts/festivals?

6. What do you think of Muslims as a whole?

7. What do you think of Catholics?

8. What can we expect from you here on out?

Introduction to questions left to be answered:

I need to say something here before the rest of these questions are answered: if God has given me (and I believe he has and know he has) teaching that proves other teachings that exist wrong, this is not such a big deal as it could be made out to be. God is giving me these things to share now so that they can be dealt with now and not before him - so rewards can grow and lessen the likelihood of losing rewards. And I could care less about those who have taught or believed in error - I have come to know the joy in being wrong and you will not find mockery, scorn or ridicule here. If you will read what God has given me to share/teach and take it to heart and not let pride get in the way, you will find open arms of compassion, mercy and grace from me because of the compassion, mercy and grace I have been given in Christ. I have been wrong so many times myself but now that I have been disciplined as I was a week ago and now having been real about my sins and how I still enormous outpouring of God's Holy Spirit is being given to me and not so that I can be right, but so that Christ can be honor and glorified, believers/disciples of Christ encouraged and revival can begin because this is God's will.

To a certain extent - this is about me - God has given me a calling, a purpose and missions to accomplish. But this is not in and of myself - it is Christ living and working in and through me by the indwelling presence and power of God's Holy Spirit awake and alive in my heart, soul, mind and body (see 1 Corinthians 2:20 and Galatians 5:20). I cried out to the Lord in 2008 and he faithfully began working in me as I asked for the Holy Spirit to help me through the work of repentance - to bring to mind sin and so I could confess it, ask for forgiveness and this continues still. In 2009 I was burdened and convicted by the Holy Spirit to be baptized which I did and God blessed me that day and has since but I repeat, I am not perfect nor do I think too highly of myself (if you knew me personally you would know this well - see Philippians 3:12). And any way that I or my family would be blessed by such ministry, teaching or other opportunities we have or may be given to serve - would be put back into ministries we already support, our church and with as minimal personal gain as possible but again, if God chooses to bless us personally or financially - it would be offensive in our minds to take such blessings and refuse them. We have asked God to help us with many challenges that have come our way financially both because of mistakes we made in the past but are working so hard to turn around and be real about but also because we have not been given the support in the past that we have needed from churches we were a part of as well as from family and friends to be honest. Yes, again - we have made our mistakes but make no mistake yourselves in thinking that God hasn't dealt with us appropriately. He allowed us to make our mistakes, allowed us to hit rock bottom but now we are and have been working hard to take responsibility for these mistakes and have done pretty well in being content with what we have been presently given - we have made the best of what we have because of our mistakes but we have also seen God begin to bless us abundantly. I guess to explain more...we live in a mobile home and some people look at this and either think "white trash" or "trailer trash" but in the same time that God disciplined us and we had to give up a house we had hopes for and so many ammenities there that we had to give up because of our own foolishness...when we moved into our current home - this has been the best house we've ever lived in. We were forced to have to choose between "nice" things and used things. Normally we would have spent money we didn't have but instead we looked for nice used furniture, started buying the bulk of our clothes at Meijer and Walmart, started eating less so not only our grocery bill would be less but so we would eat better as well, we stopped eating out so much and stopped going to the mall or movies or vacations or...and the list goes on. And in turn, we have seen God beginning to bless us financially and with "stuff". We do have a lot to learn and are learning to better prioritize our finances...but my point is - what some people look at - living in a mobile home, having cars that would win "beater of the year" awards, used furniture and okay clothing - we have learned to be content and even happy with what we have. And beyond that, we have longed to not only share what we have but want to be blessed even more so we have more to share. We know what it means to have to live without but we also know what it means to be blessed...we have lots of ways we can help others in regards to why it is good to make finances a family issue (we all need to take part so we all know where things are at financially as a family, what we can and cannot afford or do not need and to all learn to prioritize things that we want and learn to accept what we cannot afford or will have to either sacrifice other things or or save for - we do this as a family now). We've also seen the best and worst of marriage and intimacy related issues. I'm just saying - God is giving us so many ways to reach out...not just how I have been called. And we want so badly to help others and bring them into our lives personally to pray with, cry with, rejoice with and when we can share and teach how God is burdening and convicting our hearts. So any ways that we would be blessed as a family or personally would be put back into ministry. For example...I have and others have been burdened that I need to and will write a book. Say the book is a hot seller and I make more money than I have ever seen in my life and suddenly our family is able to buy a big house, get cars that we don't have to worry about breaking down, can buy clothes at Target now (just kidding, say Lands End which we do when we can or for gifts but couldn't no way for everything) and someone tells us of a family or individual who is really struggling and seeking Christ but in need of a car or help with paying for living space that is adequate to the situation or needs clothing. I would not hesitate to do everything I could for such a person. Why? Because I've been there. I remember way back when we first started having financial problems my husband said to me, "If we get through this and God helps us and we have a chance to help others, we're going to do it." It's that simple. There were and have been folks who could have helped us but saw how immature we were and in some ways still are and said, "No way am I going to help them, look at what they want." Well, that's called judging. Example...when I was diagnosed as manic-depressive (and yes, this is a test to see who will say, "Oh, I see - this chick is bipolar. End of story, I'm not taking anything this chick says to be real or trustworthy.") - I lost almost everything...I lost any belief in that I was a worthy person or good person, I lost the respect of family and friends who already thought I was stupid and I knew very well the stigma and gossip that would come along with being hospitalized for manic-depression in a psych. ward and being diagnosed as bipolar. I struggled at the time, even though we couldn't afford it with wanting good clothes. I thought, "Well, if I can't be all together mentally; at least I should have people see me dressed well and hopefully that will compensate and they won't think about me being mentally ill or at least get side tracked." So, I ordered and asked for clothing that I felt would at least give people an impression that somehow I was okay or at least still looked good. So, before you judge the situation of another person (which I have learned so well and experienced so many times) - think about every possible scenario in which that person might be experiencing. The pain of being hospitalized for mental illness and being diagnosed was so huge that I don't think I can get people who haven't been in that situation to understand. And every time I would try something new or reach out to family and friends after another tried attempt to be successful or try and do a new ministry idea and have it flop, I would lose more respect and further be disqualified as someone who was worth time, money or attention. And of course, this has only made me try harder to succeed. Why? Because the Bible says there is a God who loves me and a Savior who died for "losers" like me. Jesus didn't come to save the righteous or those who are well, but for sinners and the socially unacceptable like me (see Mark 2:17 and Luke 5:32). Since I was very young the only thing that has gotten me through this life is the knowledge of God's love and that Jesus died for me. This has been my strength and my hope and somewhere, sometime I must have done something right because I know that how I have been called and who I claim to be is not only real but because I am not someone that would be a popular or obvious choice. I am being qualified because I have been called and not the other way around (see 1 Corinthians 1:27-29 and also 2 Corinthians 12:6-10). What is at the core of the life of a believer/disciple of Christ? Faith. I believe because I have nothing else to believe in. Not myself, not my husband, not my daughter, not family, not friends because I will have to stand before God and give account for my life and he is and has been so real to me in so many ways. I can honestly say, God has never let me down. I have been discouraged, I have had moments of doubt but he has never given up on me. I can count on God in ways that I cannot ever count on anyone else. He is everything to me..and Jesus - my Lord, Savior and King...I have given my life and have risked everything in believing in and claiming what I have. I am hated, I am ridiculed, I am mocked, I am scorned, shunned, alienated...anything bad you can think of: I have known it for giving it all to Christ and stepping out in faith. I have very few friends, many acquaintances but very few real friends. My family has had to take on jobs and give up leadership and sacrifice time with me so that I can study, write and share. And much of this has gone unappreciated...except by the one who gives me peace and tells me not to give up. How does he do this? Just when I need it a thought or Scripture will come to mind that I can tell only comes from him because it fits the need or fills the void that I have just prayed about or spoken aloud about in frustration or confusion. It is right there at the moment I ask or speak. I see grace written all over everything that is happening to me - good or bad. I see grace written all over everything I am being asked to do and say. And hopefully as time goes by folks will see that I am real, humble and not otherwise and just seeking to be obedient to the leading of God's Holy Spirit and to my Lord and our Heavenly Father himself. I have already known miraculous healing in my life, my family is beginnig to see and understand all that God is doing in and through my life as well as accepting what I have been given to teach and I hope all others who are paying attention to what I am saying and doing will be patient with me and get to know me as I am and not only accept me but accpet what God is trying to do in and through me and offer through me. And why not? Why not me? Please continue to visit my blog or my Facebook page as I begin to answer the questions above...this may take more time than I hope but it will be worth it even if it is different from what you have been taught or believed before. But if you profess faith in Christ and are a believer/disciple of his, please do not neglect to pray for me and ask God to bless me as I study and write. I am your sister in Christ. And for the mistakes I made in the past before being saved..well, this last week sealed the deal in my eyes - sin was put before me and I responded as I needed to but not without the help of others to whom I am so grateful (you know who you are) and now that I know I have not failed God and truly am his child - I am working overtime to make sure I don't commit sins again - I have engaged in spiritual warfare and prayer, I am listening to the burdening and convicting of the Holy Spirit and also to the prayers that are being said on my behalf by so many others (if only I could get into this fully)...I am going to fight and not give up and God is going to bless what I am being obedient to. I am not a false prophet, I am not of Satan and I have in no way usurped or violated Scripture. If you think otherwise, prepare to be proven wrong. But all in God's timing and as fast as I can work outside of being a wife, mother and friend. You think you have pressure? Just wait until I answer question one and get into question two...and even then, I'm pretty sure most of you won't understand but that's okay. I won't give up trying to help or pray on behalf of those who will listen, pray for me and consider what God has given me to say. I am confident of his work in my life and what he has been doing and desires yet to do through me. Game on - I have been through hell on earth this last month and between demands here at home and demons trying to break through and torment me - game on. I have learned to fight all these years and endurance is my new best friend. I have been given ideas of what Satan might ask God to do to me should I continue - yes, when you take steps of faith this is the ministry the Holy Spirit works on your behalf to help you and not let you get sidetracked. Not only that but I also know the ministry of angels is very real and I am being helped in this way too. Don't believe me? Are we in the end times or not? Is prophecy not being fulfilled right before our very eyes? Doesn't Scripture say we are part of a spiritual battle (see Ephesians 6). I can back everything I have to share/teach with Scripture. But enough heart and soul's desire is to help - I needed God's grace, compassion and mercy and anything I am able to prove or teach that discounts or discredits what others have taught and will have to rethink - you will find no personal ridicule, mockery or insult from me because of the grace, compassion and mercy I have received from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father who has so wondrously worked in my life through his Holy Spirit. God is faithful and true to his Word. Amen, all glory, honor and praise to Jesus and our Heavenly Father. Holy Spirt, thank you too for your continued interceding on my behalf. I am so thankful too that my prayers for angels to guard me and my family and to minister to us have not gone unanswered. While this may be about me in some respects, ultimately this is about being obedient to God's will for my life and not failing to stop believing in who I am and what I have been called to do. I will not give up because I know all too well what I and others stand to lose if I do. But I won't, so I hope you all will be patient with me, pray for me and at least consider what God has given me to share. I will probably begin with a short version and expand from there if necessary to at least get something out to all of you so that the wait is not too long if possible. Again, please pray for me - it would mean so much to me. There are yet things that I need help with yet or have not been given a full understanding of and where this applies I will make note and offer what I am led to believe but will ask for someone who does understand or has been given a full understand in ways that I have not, I will ask for such individuals to step forward and help give understanding to what I have not been given an understanding of. So hopefully as I work and share/ all will be willing to take part as well and fill in what I am not supposed to know or what you can share to put the rest of the picture together so that we can move on from all of this, allow God to work through us to bring revival to a world that so needs it, longs for it and so when the time comes for those to go home who will before the rest of us...well, let's make it so that number of those who will have to stay either because of their own pride and ignorance but also many because we aren't taking the time to listen and be patient with one another and worrying if M. Kristi Van Dam is real or not...time is a wastin' many are not going to believe and I know so many of you have valid reasons for wanting to go home now...but let's not be selfish and make sure you take many more home with you so they don't have to be faced with hiding or facing a guillotine just to either make it through having to die or face the tribulation. Okay? You will be going home so soon, believers and disciples of Christ - this I know so well. But please hang on just a little while longer and let's allow Christ to work through us to bring salvation to so many more so they can go home too.

Much love to you all in Christ, God bless you!

M. Kristi Van Dam

Monday, December 26, 2011

A good "ouch"... :)

Ecclesiastes 5:2
King James Version (KJV)

Be not rash with thy mouth, and let not thine heart be hasty to utter any thing before God: for God is in heaven, and thou upon earth: therefore let thy words be few.

I make it a point to ask God/the Lord to keep me humble and yes, graciously he follows through and graciously I must receive, lol...but this one hurts pretty good, lol.

Ya...good one, Lord! Isn't awesome that just what we need, at the moment we need it; the only one we can truly count on always comes through! And like this time, it's not always what we want but if we're patient (and honest with ourselves) we're able to appreciate it, even when it stings. So yes, thank you Lord!

Whew! :)

Much love to you all in Christ, God bless you!!!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Preview of questions yet to answer:

1. What do you think of Muslims as a whole? Preview: Cannot answer this as a whole but will be very real about what I do respect about Muslims but also what I think very clearly about Islam and why I stand against Isalm and any other religion that stands in oppposition to a *relationship* with Christ.

2. What do you think of Catholics? Preview: I think it is unfortunate that the virgin Mary has been elevated to a position of deity – this is not Biblical and has allowed so many to be deceived and put credit where credit is not due…also I think Catholicism embraces theology that many other churches and denominations have embraced and teach in error so I don’t like to pin the blame of theology in error on Catholicism alone…there have been many heresies from Catholicism over the years, many of which have been addressed but many that remain unfortunately some of which I will discuss but I have to admit other than the above I am not as familiar with them than what I need to but will be familiarizing myself with them over time so that I can refute them as I know they do exist and need to be and will…*DaVinci’s paintings are unfortunate in that the truth as I am coming to know it was stretched and probably purposefully to promote Catholicism unfortunately even though I obviously agree with some things that are being taught who many think are in error, I stand very strongly against other things that DaVinci and Dan Brown in particular have taught in error – almost of a homosexual nature in feminizing men…and feminization in particular…I am not a feminist, quite different – I submit myself to a local church, pastorate and elders and when and how I can, I promote my husband as the head of our home although my husband has willingly and personally asked me to lead in the ways he himself would say he has not been called and has willingly and personally given up to me in response to how I have been called this speaks very clearly to me of how and why I have been called as well. Also, in this day and age of such a heightened presence of feminism, especially here in the US and Europe I believe I am being used to take what women have been asking for and challenging them that now that a woman has been called and is being used – will they then submit themselves to Scripture and humble themselves to Christ as well as men who are in leadership in Biblical churches and to their husbands where they have not been clearly called as Jewish prophetesses or will they continue in their error – the feminist movement is very different from being used by the Lord in ministry, at least for me. The truth is that men should be built up to be as Christ has called them because in my life I know that I am very blessed by men who stand strong not only in their position as men but as leaders and those who I respect and have learned so much from. I attend a Baptist church but at heart I am non-denominational….unfortunately when it comes to most Bible or non-denominational churches, there is either Lordship of male leadership over how I have been called and I cannot expect to be received there or their teachings on a pre-tribulation are not Biblical (not very different from what I believe but different enough that I know I would cause strife in such churches and probably will anyway but that is another question to be answered later.

3. What can we expect from you here on out? Preview: much more of the same, lol.

4. Are you just seeking attention/money? This is going to be a fun one to answer.

5. Haven’t you given yourself a nice, cushy, comfortable place in saying you are the woman from Revelation 12? And isn’t that pretty pompous and arrogant? –
amendment to add: aren’t you adding to Scripture by saying you have had visions/dreams – also, You're a woman, right? Explain yourself and how you do or plan to adhere to the teachings of Scripture in regard to a woman's place in the church/ministry. Looking forward to answering this as well, lol.

6. So you believe generational curses still happen or are valid? Preview: Do people still sin? ;)

7. Do you believe in a pre-tribulation rapture? this will explain the secondary meaning to Revelation 12 as well as well as talking about Joel 2 and Acts 2:14-21 and how this relates to this time we find ourselves in before believers/disciples of Christ are taken pre–tribulation (correction 5:53 pm, KVD): Preview: not gonna give you any further hints, lol – I don’t mean to diminish the seriousness of all the questions with “lol” but some of them are funny to me because they are so far from who I am and the purpose and mission I have been given and called for or I know they are so touchy but what I believe in regard to a pre-tribulation rapture is not far from what is already believed but yes, it is different and hopefully, using Scripture (as I will and will back up what I have to say and what I have been given to teach) and visions/dreams I have been given as a Jewish disciple of Christ/prophetess and no, this does not contradict Scripture or violate Revelation 22:19 and I will prove it. :)

8. What are your thoughts on the Sabbath, the Lord's Day and feasts/festivals? Preview: I am most looking forward to this question, hopefully I will please both Gentile and Jewish believers alike and I think I will because of how my heart has been burdened in Christ through the indwelling presence and power of God’s Holy Spirit.

I hope this helps - nothing more until I am able to answer fully. ;)

Revised order, additions, etc. to questions that are left:

revised order , additions, etc.:
1. What do you think of Muslims as a whole?
2. What do you think of Catholics?
3. What can we expect from you here on out?
4. Are you just seeking attention/money?
5. Haven’t you given yourself a nice, cushy, comfortable place in saying you are the woman from Revelation 12? And isn’t that pretty pompous and arrogant? – amendment to add: aren’t you adding to Scripture by saying you have had visions/dreams – also, You're a woman, right? Explain yourself and how you do or plan to adhere to the teachings of Scripture in regard to a woman's place in the church/ministry.
6. So you believe generational curses still happen or are valid?
7. Do you believe in a pre-tribulation rapture?

:) ~ "Miriam" Kristi Van Dam :)